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Colleen M. Glenn and Andrew Hibbert are known for being highly effective Sarasota trial lawyers. They practice exclusively in the area of criminal defense and have dedicated their practice to helping all those charged with criminal offenses in Sarasota Bradenton.

Colleen Glenn and Andrew Hibbert have a combined 15 years of criminal defense experience. Their firm has defended thousands of criminal cases in Bradenton, Sarasota, and throughout the state of Florida.

Colleen Glenn and Andrew Hibbert have a broad criminal defense practice. They represent clients facing a variety of misdemeanor and felony offenses and together they handle every aspect of each client’s case, from the initial appearance and bond reduction hearings to motion hearings, trial, probation violations and expungements, mostly in the Sarasota Manatee courts.

One of the core values of Glenn and Hibbert, P.A. is the constitutional standard that all people are innocent unless proven guilty. Colleen and Andrew are always prepared to take cases as far as necessary to protect that standard for each client. Glenn and Hibbert, P.A.  is known for their professionalism, as well as her strong ability to relate to people. For that, they are well respected among the legal community and clients alike.

Sarasota Criminal Defense Attorney


What happens to you after an arrest largely depends on the quality of your Sarasota attorney. Your life can change the instant you are arrested for a criminal offense. An arrest can lead to conviction and, with that, a multitude of implications and consequences that affect every area of your life, from housing and employment to family, finances and relationships.

The decisions you make after an arrest can impact the outcome of your case and, ultimately, your life. When you are facing criminal charges, there is no substitute for an aggressive, experienced criminal defense lawyer. At Glenn and Hibbert, P.A. of Sarasota, we dedicate our entire practice solely to defending people accused of crimes in Florida.

We Fight For Our Clients

Bradenton-based criminal defense attorney Colleen M. Glenn believes in providing highly effective criminal defense representation for clients facing all felony and misdemeanor offenses, including:

  • Drug Charges
  • Driving offenses, DUI and traffic tickets
  • Theft offenses
  • Domestic violence and assault offenses
  • Weapons offenses
  • All other criminal charges not listed above

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To schedule a free consultation with Colleen Glenn and Andrew Hibbert, call our office at
941-357-1775 or contact us online. We have an office located across the street from the historic Manatee County Courthouse in Bradenton, Florida and an office across the street from the Sarasota County Jail in downtown Sarasota, Florida.. We accept all major credit cards. Se habla español. Our phones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.

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