Criminal Defense

Arrested… Now What?

An arrest for a crime can take you by surprise. You could be at work or at home and then find yourself in the back of squad car in handcuffs. Whether you’ve been arrested for a felony or a traffic ticket, do you know how to protect your rights? Do you know what to do? The first thing you should do is to ask for a lawyer.
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Charged with a DUI? It is in your best interest to get in touch with a trusted attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you have a DUI lawyer on your side, the better your chances of obtaining reduced or dropped charges. Feel free to reach out to Glenn & Hibbert, P.A., a respected Sarasota law firm with an impressive reputation throughout the state of Florida. Talented lawyers Colleen Glenn and Andrew Hibbert have worked extensively in criminal and DUI law -- and both possess the in-depth understanding and legal skill necessary to guide clients through the complex criminal justice process.
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Attorney Colleen Glenn works with partner Andrew Hibbert defending clients in Sarasota and surrounding areas charged with a felony. Felonies are criminal offenses that carry more than one year in prison. Common felonies include robbery, assault, sexual battery, theft, homicide kidnapping and carjacking. Depending on the felony and degree, punishment can range between one year in state prison and death. Felonies are serious crimes. If you’ve been charged with a felony crime, let the experience of attorney Colleen Glenn and attorney Andrew Hibbert work for you.
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Most people charged with a misdemeanor are the type of people who don’t often get in trouble. Having a criminal record can be both disturbing and embarrassing. At the same time, the way the case is handled definitely affects the outcome. You need a qualified and experienced criminal defense attorney like Colleen Glenn and Andrew Hibbert for the best outcome. Attorney Colleen Glenn partners up with attorney Andrew Hibbert to ensure that you are treated fairly during the criminal justice process in Sarasota courts. They know the court process and the prosecutors.
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Violations of Probation (VOPs)

Probation violation cases are notoriously stressful, as the prosecution need not prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The odds may seem stacked against you, but with Colleen Glenn and Andrew Hibbert's help, you can stay out of jail. The Sarasota lawyers understand how stressful violation accusations can be, and they desire nothing more than to bring your case to a favorable conclusion.
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