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Client Reviews

At Glenn & Hibbert, P.A., we do not guarantee the outcomes. Rather, we commit to fighting hard for justice and achieving the best possible result for your case. Read what some of our clients have said about working with us.

“Not Guilty” The Two Words Every Client Needs To Hear!

Don’t let Andrew Hibbert’s youthful appearance fool you. He is one of the best attorneys located here in Sarasota. Andrew is well educated, well informed and can get his message across to any jury. He knows the system and navigates through it keeping me informed along the way. It was the toughest time to go through but having him on my team was the best thing that could have happened. – Greg (5 star review)


I was in need of an attorney and I found Colleen. Her office is above GREAT! The entire office was professional and very patient as I was asking a lot of questions. They returned calls the same day and that is unheard of! Everyone was extremely helpful. Within 1 week, start to finish everything was handled – I can’t thank her and her team enough!!! – a client (5 star review)

Excellent, Beyond What I Expected!

I hired Andrew on my case, that I thought was looking horrible, not only did he make me feel much better during my first meeting, he then turned my entire case around and got it dismissed! – A client (5 star review)

Hire Him

If you need a defense attorney, this is your guy. He took personal interest in my case and even gave me great free advice before I hired him. I would totally recommend Andrew. – A client (5 star review)

10-Star Rating!

After receiving a phone call from his colleague, Colleen Glenn, Andrew got right to work on the case. We then met with him in person, and he explained the process to us in detail. Andrew got the job done and all charges were dropped.   have only had to deal with one other lawyer in my life – that OTHER lawyer was completely unreachable, either by phone or his web messaging site, zero communication, which is not only frustrating but completely unprofessional. In complete contrast, I was able to contact Andrew at ANY time (either by phone or by email) and in two instances Andrew was back in touch with me within minutes. Communication is key and Andrew and Colleen are 100% completely reachable! They are both very professional. They both care. We could not have done it without Andrew or Colleen. Thank you again. PW/LW/KLW – a Domestic Violence client (5 star review)

Aggressive, Knowledgeable And Experienced!

Handled my daughter’s DUI case. Her legal team was able to point out in the arrest tape that the county didn’t have a case! Her team was ready to go to trial, but no need she was offered a plea and accepted it! Most of all the other minor tickets were excused as well! I love that she offers a flat fee no matter if they go to trial or not, with an easy payment plan! I hope we never need another criminal defense lawyer, but if we do, I know who to call!! – a client (5 star review)

Forever Grateful

Colleen and her extraordinary staff provided me with what I would consider being the most exceptional representation imaginable. Colleen was always responsive, informative, and courteous – even when answering an email well after hours.

Colleen saved me from a lifetime stigma and a stiff mandatory sentence. After doing my own research I realized this was not an easy case and she delivered in a BIG way.

There is really no way for me to accurately describe the gratitude I feel towards Colleen and her staff.

Thank you so much! – v (5 star review)

Absolutely Awesome

Words can’t even begin to express what an awesome, professional lawyer Colleen is. I was so worried before speaking to her and she was the only lawyer I spoke to that immediately put my mind at ease. Whenever I had a question or concern she was always available and always responded to me in a timely manner. She is a no-nonsense lawyer who seeks the absolute best outcome for her clients. Colleen absolutely exceeded my expectations and my legal matter was dismissed, beyond amazing outcome. I really have no idea what I would’ve done without Colleen as my lawyer. I would highly recommend Colleen to any and everyone I know who has legal trouble. – a client (5 star review)

Best Attorney Ever

Hired Colleen Glenn to represent me in two cases. She got me a bond and out of jail then got me probation for both of the cases with time served. Thank you Colleen, for coming back to court four times, no additional charge, and finally getting me early termination, and off probation entirely.
my rating: 6 stars. Best Ever! – Louis (5 star review)

Professional, Vibrant, Energetic

DUI, as well as speeding, and a barrage of other tickets. Andrew represented my daughter and did a great job in explaining the charges as well as going over all options and scenarios. He showed knowledge and a fire in his belly to be ready for trial if necessary. My daughter accepted a plea of lesser charges to the DUI. I am so pleased with the outcome. I know DUI is a serious offense, and it also could have followed her for life. I also like that in this case, it was a 1 price deal, no nitpicking on every little thing, and an easy payment plan as well. I hope we never need another criminal defense lawyer again, but if we do, we will call on Andrew again! – a client (5 star review)

Andrew Hibbert Is An Awesome Lawyer!

I am thankful to have found Andrew Hibbert. He is a reliable and trustworthy attorney. Anyone lucky enough to have him represent them will be thankful as well. Have a great day Mr. Hibbert. – Brandie (5 star review)

A Formidable Attorney With A Great Team To Back Her Up

A friend of mine did something really dumb and this knucklehead got himself into enough trouble that he needed an attorney to lead our way through the legal process. My first call to attorney Glenn was quickly returned. Her initial consultation was so respectful, professional, and informative that I immediately decided to hire her. Once hired, Attorney Glenn and her team went to work to help my buddy. The front office staff were great helping me with any logistics or questions I had. Attorney Glenn and her investigator worked extremely well with my friend while he was in the county jail. I was also extremely impressed with Attorney Glenn during my direct discussions and consultations with her. Throughout this experience/process I felt Attorney Glenn and her team worked hard for us, and treated us with dignity and respect. The final result was actually better than we hoped, and I believe this was directly due to the complete package of the legal expertise of Attorney Glenn, a solid staff to back her up, a team that works together with their clients. I would highly recommend Attorney Glenn. – Peter (5 star review)

Outstanding Attorney

To whom it May Concern:

Andrew is an outstanding attorney and would highly recommend him. He goes the extra mile in his efforts and keeps you fully updated on your case. He did an outstanding job representing me and I would retain him again without hesitation. He’s hard working and honest, connected – he did a great job for me. – a client (5 star review)

April Smith

During this stressful time, she helped me cope with my legal issues in a confident, courteous, professional manner to help put me at ease. – April (5 star review)

The Best Of The Best!!!!

No other attorney can compare to the knowledge and his desire to help. The staff is absolutely the best and always available. My life is back together because of her, the rest of attorneys should follow her practice as an example, Colleen, you rock!!!!! If you need an attorney on your side she is your only choice, and she will fight for you to the end. She’s just amazing. – ROSSANA (5 star review)

Justice Served

Knowledgeable, dedicated and diligent, are only a few words to describe attorney Andrew Hibbert. His calm, patient and confident demeanor gave me hope in a very unfair situation. Mr. Hibbert returned my phone calls and emails, diligently. He patiently listened and addressed my concerns i.e., BABBLING & crying, each time, without fail. His sense of honesty and fairness calmed me greatly in a very unfair situation. My family and I have developed a deep and abiding respect for this attorney, his abilities and consummate professionalism exceeded any expectation. – Mia G. (5 star review)

Attorney Andrew Hibbert Is An Excellent Attorney !!!

I highly recommend Mr. Andrew Hibbert to anyone who is in need of an excellent attorney, He is a very aggressive young attorney that handled my case very well, he kept me informed every step of the way and I am very satisfied with him, I would not hesitate to call him if I ever need an attorney again. He is a class act all the way !!! – a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

Attorney/Client Relationship

Colleen Glenn does an ‘outstanding’ job. She is always ‘on the ball’ with regard to the representation of her clients. She is very knowledgeable regarding the law. I would strongly recommend Colleen to represent anyone in ANY category. – Charles (5 star review)

Awesome Attorney

Mr. Hibbert represented me in a DUI case. He was extremely involved and always answered my questions. Mr. Hibbert was caring and passionate and I would recommend him!! – a client (5 star review)


We were absolutely grateful to have found Colleen and Andrew. They are both professionals and did exactly what she said they would do. They also took the time to answer questions in a very caring manner. If ever we need legal representation again, I will definitely call her first! – Margie (5 star review)

Hibbert Is An Excellent Dui Lawyer

Andrew worked tirelessly on my case, doing his homework about every little detail about it. Despite his age, he has quite a bit of experience working on DUI cases and knows everything there is to know about them. He fights for his clients and gives 110% to make sure they get the best deal they possibly can get. He knows the vast majority of the judges, prosecutors and DMV staff and he leverages his relationships to give his clients the best chance at getting a favorable outcome. – Ben (5 star review)


If you ever find yourself in need of an attorney that gets results & doesn’t take NO for an answer, do yourself a huge favor and call the Glenn & Hibbert, P.A. Her staff and she get things done and in a hurry! I was lost, scared and had nowhere to turn ( battery case ) in two weeks I am free, stay away order removed & the case has been dismissed!!!! She is the only phone call you need to make if you find trouble!! Only wish I had met her earlier. Thank you are allowing me to write this review & want I wrote is 100% facts. Please make Ms. Collen Glenn your first & only call, you WILL NOT REGRET, I promise you that! Best Regards, W S W – William S (5 star review)

Best Criminal Attorney In Town

Mrs. Glenn represented me on a drug charge where the state prosecutor wanted me to go to prison for 4 and a half years. Mrs. Glenn filed a motion that got my charges dropped and saved me! I wouldn’t even consider using another attorney. – Chris (5 star review)

Best Hard-Working Lawyer And Her Firm Is Awesome

I made a stupid mistake and was so very scared. I was never arrested before. I found her in a Google search and reached out to her. She returned my call in a short period of time. I explained to her what happened and she calmed me down and I would e-mail her in the evening and she responded quickly even late at night when I could not sleep. Everyone in her firm is professional, awesome and made me feel like family. She or someone from her firm always kept me in the loop and spoke to me in layman’s terms in which I could understand and what I needed to do on my part. The case was taken care of quickly and I did not serve any penalties. I honestly don’t know what would have happened if I did not have Colleen or her firm in my corner. Her firm is worth every penny. I learned a valuable lesson and will never make any other mistakes. Most of all, Colleen and her firm were not judgmental of the charges. I could not speak more highly of her and her firm. They would always tell me not to worry and to calm down.
So my advice is that if you need legal assistance, everyone in her office is very capable, and they handle everything quickly and efficiently. I was afraid, but everything worked out wonderfully and quickly. I can’t say enough about how wonderful everyone in her firm. If you are in need of a lawyer, I highly recommend her. In addition, I was not charged for the consultation session. – a client (5 star review)

Big Heart

Thank you Colleen,
Over the years you have come and gone several times.
To my life both for good reasons and bad. That being said you’ve always been straight forward, extremely knowledgeable and always helpful.
But this last time being so helpful and catering towards our cause and showing the perseverance of a caring, upstanding and honest attorney!!
THE OHALLORAN FAMILY – Brian (5 star review)

First Legal Experience

Andrew is the best lawyer I’ve ever run into. He really does his research, has complete knowledge of the law. He was able to uncover mistakes made by law enforcement and got the judge to agree and dismiss all charges. – Bob (5 star review)

Best Defense You Can Get

Not an expert but I would say that I got an excellent service from Colleen M. Glenn and their team. I was very worried about my case and they helped me so much to calm down and be optimistic. They took a lot from me because I am not an easy person and I came with a million questions and things to tell them to make sure that they will know every detail about my case. They were so patient to me. They were definitely right about the positive outcome my case would have. I dealt the most with Kristy Zinna, and she also was wonderful to me, very kind, a beautiful person. They even responded emails on a Sunday; who does that? They really care about their clients. I would say they are very passionate and take their job very seriously. So would I recommend you to walk into their office? Oh yes; I am not the only one who had the same experience, everybody loves them. They’re good, they care about you, you are in safe hands.
As they know, I’ll be forever grateful for what they did for me. I don’t know how to say in any more different ways. Just hire them! – Rafael Suarez (5 star review)

Blessed Ending

Her law group was very knowledgeable on the subject matter i had Ms. Glenn represent me on. Ms. Glenn would return calls and answer all questions in a very timely manner. I feel she was the best lawyer for my case and would refer her to my friends and family in their time of need. – a Criminal (5 star review)

Amazing Lawyer!!

I have never been in a situation as I found myself three-months ago, arrested, and facing a DUI charge. It was beyond anything I could possibly imagine I would ever face in my life. Being 24 years of age and with a life ahead of me, I felt as everything had ended the minute I was arrested. Meeting with Andrew was the best decision I made, from the moment I met him he was straightforward and honest with me. Initially, I was very hesitant of someone representing me that looked just as old as me, and this being my first charge ever in my life the last thing I wanted was to take a risk. But from the moment we sat down at our first meeting Andrew’s confidence and professionalism made me see that he would be the best person to take on this challenge with me. I was not wrong. After a three-month process and waiting, the day to be in front of the judge was in front of me.
My charges were dropped and my case was dismissed due to the work that Mr. Hibbert put into my case. He was always very easy to reach and just a phone call away as he told me the first day we met. Andrew met all my expectations and more, I could not be happier with the outcome of such uncomfortable situation and all of it, thanks to his hard work. He does not make empty promises and is honest about what can and cannot deliver regarding the case. Something very rare to find nowadays especially in young attorneys like himself. – Cinthia (5 star review)

Child Neglect Charge

My wife and I hired Andrew in December 2012 when my wife was charged with a felony for child neglect. Andrew came highly recommended and by working with him we found out why he was so highly recommended. Andrew is very knowledgeable and was always available when we called him. He helped us to be confident that the charge that was filed was inaccurate and that everything would be fine. Andrew’s confidence helped us relax during this tough time in our lives. We worked with Andrew over a 3 month period until all his hard work paid off and he was able to get my wife’s charge completely dismissed! When you hire Andrew you truly are hiring the best!! Thank you again, Andrew!! – Cody (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer!

Andrew Hibbert is an outstanding Lawyer. From the moment I became his client, He took care of everything. He has the knowledge and the expertise to fight for his clients’ rights. Every time I called him, I either spoke to him right away or my call was returned immediately. He explains the whole process thoroughly, and takes care of your case like he would his own. I would recommend Andrew Hibbert to anyone. I would trust him with any legal matter, and I know that he would do everything in his power to protect me as a client and fight for my best interest. – a DUI & DWI client (5 star review)

Christian Mcclendon

I couldn’t have asked for better representation. She was very honest and open with us from the beginning. She coached me along the way because I didn’t have any idea what we were truly up against. Everything was handled by her and any investigators or personnel associated with her firm. She has a great team of knowledgeable and professional people. I always knew that I could reach out to her at any time if I just needed to ask a question. I can’t say enough about her professionalism and knowledge. It was well worth the fee that she asked for. No question. She fought very hard to get the best outcome. I AM SO PLEASED WITH THE OUTCOME. I would recommend her to others without a doubt. – RHONDA (5 star review)

Colleen Is An Amazing Lawyer!

Colleen and her staff have been great since I’ve been her client. Very professional and friendly. I am very confident in her ability to provide me with the best legal representation available. Thank you for all your help, Colleen! – Dustin (5 star review)

Defense Is The Best Offense

Colleen is not only a remarkable attorney but also a considerate person. She exhibits an enthusiastic and diligent approach to each of her cases providing clients with honesty, professionalism, and integrity. I would recommend Colleen to anyone who needs legal advice. – Frank (5 star review)

Look No Further….This Is The Lawyer You Need.

In (May 2014) I hired the Glenn and Hibbert law firm in the morning and they visited my daughter in jail that same day. They explained how they would take charge of the case and move quickly. I am usually not impressed by attorneys, but Andrew Hibbert was certainly impressive and clearly the exception. He told me how he would approach my daughter’s case as she was facing seven felony charges and years in prison. In the end, Andrew was successful with getting my daughter the needed long-term rehab she so desperately needed….instead of the prison sentence initially offered. While my family feels that Andrew worked miracles and saved my daughter’s life – I think Andrew thought he was doing what was RIGHT and what he was hired to do!
I am forever indebted to Andrew Hibbert and so is my daughter….he is a man of his word! Thank you, Andrew! – Mark (5 star review)

DUI Case

I retained Colleen Glenn to represent me in my first and only DUI case. She did an outstanding job in handling the case, was extremely compassionate and expedited my case to a quick dismissal. I will recommend her to anyone I know that would require her services. I cannot thank Colleen enough for her professionalism, communication and compassion in handling my case. She is an excellent defense attorney!!!!! – Charles (5 star review)


I hired Mrs. Glenn on less than a day’s notice. I met with her at noon for the next day hearing at 9 am. In this time frame, she and the staff worked nonstop and were overprepared if anything had to come up. I have worked with many attorneys for over 6 years. And this was the first instance where my expectations were blown away. She presented a better case in less than 24 hours than any other attorney had with months or preparation. I will never feel the need to look for another council. If your case is important and you want a zealous attorney that puts your case first this is the attorney for you. I can’t express how happy I was with her service. Most attorneys talk just money she only talked results and delivered. It was the best representation in a courtroom I have seen. It was brilliant!!! – Thomas (5 star review)


Andrew displayed knowledge and confidence in my case from the first moment. I was, of course, nervous and scared of the unknown. He put me at ease, without making a bunch of promises. I could just sense he was out for my best interest. He knew what he was talking about. He also has a lot of information on the court system and its players. All of which helped me sleep at night. Then as we progressed, it was always easy to get hold of Andrew, and he never changed his tune. I found comfort in that. – Todd (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

Colleen is a very dynamic, supportive, caring, and compassionate Lawyer that is extremely knowledgeable about the legal system. Colleen is amazing to see in action in the courtroom! Colleen also has an excellent team of people on staff in her office. I highly recommend Colleen Glenn as an Attorney. Colleen takes the time to explain the details of the case and legal options. Colleen is Glenn is brilliant! Colleen Glenn is worth every penny!!! Plus, Colleen has an excellent personality! Colleen Glenn is the “Total Package” in an Attorney. – Beverly Abbott (5 star review)

Excellent Attorney

I had an overzealous cop who charged me with a felony for carrying a gun it was over faster than I expected. By 4 months the case was finished in like a little over 3 months …this isn’t optical but he’s a very bright lawer and I suggest him to anyone I liked …now if I didn’t like them well maybe not but if you want it to work I’d hire Andrew Hibbert. – Drew (5 star review)

“Simply The Best”

The title says it all. We hired Colleen to handle a very tough case for my son and we can’t say enough for the job she did. Colleen was caring and considerate in every way, always returned calls quickly, and led my son thru a long journey that concluded with the exact result we were hoping for. Without revealing the facts of the case I can only tell you Colleen was instrumental in not only helping my son avoid 46 months in prison but was able to get him into a program that will probably save his life. She made sure to make personal contact with him every week over the 90+ days he was incarcerated, preparing him for the worst and best case scenarios. The end result, he came out with the best case scenario thanks to Colleen’s hard work and dedicated efforts clear up to within 1 hour of his sentencing. She loves her job and loves to help people and that is why I can refer back to the review title that she is hands down “Simply The Best”. If you need an attorney, look no further than Colleen M. Glenn !!!!!!!!!! – Cody (5 star review)

Excellent Criminal Attorney

Very impressive, knowledgeable, truthful, confident and honest. I have retained her and I like her approach. I would recommend her very highly. Thanks for all you have done! – Joan (5 star review)

Good Attorney With A Promising Future

Andrew was very knowledgeable and helpful when I found myself in a tough, embarrassing situation. Andrew knew exactly what to do from day one and helped me every step of the way. I was lucky to hire him and would highly recommend him. – Erin L. Carrigan (5 star review)

Excellent Is Right!

Colleen is awesome! I was facing a felony & she got the case dismissed before it even went to trial. She saved my life! I would recommend her to anyone who asks. Thanks again. God bless! – Brooke (5 star review)

The Best Experience I Have Had with A Lawyer

Mr. Hibbert was very professional in his dealings with my case. He always kept me informed about what was happening and always had my best interest as a top priority. He was able to get the best deal possible for me and I am very thankful and would recommend him to anyone. He is the most knowledgeable lawyer I have encountered yet and it shows when he is at work. Mr. Hibbert made the experience I went through very bearable and as easy on me as possible. Thank you very much Mr. Hibbert for everything you have done and I will definitely use you again if I have to. – Chris (5 star review)

Lawyer Of The Year Award Goes To Andrew Hibbert!

I was arrested on Siesta Key for DUI last year. I took the field sobriety test but declined to take the breath test. A few days after I met with Andrew and immediately felt like everything was going to be alright. He is extremely knowledgeable in these types of cases and was very on top of everything from the very beginning. He pushed for a reduced sentence but we were not granted one so we decided to go to trial. This was where Andrew truly shined. The jury found me not guilty and the charge was dropped. Along with two other tickets I received. Andrew is great and will not think twice about recommending him to everyone and using him again for myself if ever in a situation again! Thanks Andrew! I’ve never had to have an Attorney before but he made it a very easy experience! His price was extremely competitive as well! Don’t hesitate to hit him up! – Paul (5 star review)

Exceptional Lawyer

I am so grateful to Colleen and her staff. Colleen was amazing in handling our case. She is a well qualified and extremely knowledgeable lawyer. Colleen and her staff were compassionate and took the time to not only explain what our options were but were always available to answer questions even during the holidays. Thank you Colleen for all your assistance. Would highly recommend it…ABSOLUTELY GREAT! – Susanne (5 star review)

Goes To Bat For Her Clients!

Colleen did an excellent job defending a moving violation that was created unjustly by an incompetent police officer. Before I hired her, I checked around and other law firms were not offering to try to get the case dropped- instead, they wanted an innocent person to plea for a lesser charge. Not- Colleen who was successful in getting charges dropped because she cared enough to try to do what was right for her client. I highly recommend Colleen and her law firm! Great Job
This was a case involving a suspended license for not paying a driving ticket. The ticket was paid but the officer wrote the wrong amount on the ticket. – a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

Great Job

I was very happy with the results in my case. I will definitely recommend Ms. Colleen to family and friends. I hope to never need her services again but if I ever do I will definitely be going back to her. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about my case and always kept in contact with me, and the results were excellent. Thank you, Ms. Colleen. – Jessica (5 star review)

Great Lawyer

Colleen Glenn handled my case with great professionalism. I felt like I was in good hands and didn’t have to worry. I have recommended her to other people. – Ronald (5 star review)

Great Service

Ms. Glenn successfully got my VOP dismissed and came through on everything she said she would do and more. I highly recommend her as a top choice for any criminal matter. She has the experience and a great track record! – Bryan (5 star review)

Happy Client

I was facing a felony charge and I needed someone who really knew their stuff. I went in and talked to Andrew. I was a bit hesitant with him being a younger attorney but after talking to him, I realized he was very honest about everything from the initial visit to today. He is constantly checking in making sure everything is still ok. I literally put the rest of my life in his hands and I can say I would have done nothing different. I am happy that I chose Andrew to represent me and my case. I would have done nothing different. I tell and would tell anyone who is looking to go and see Andrew if they are not sure who they want. If anything happens in the future my decision has already been made. – Michael (5 star review)

Highly Recommend!

Colleen responded immediately when we first called, even though it was a holiday. She was someone we always felt like we could depend on and did a wonderful job resolving the case. We would recommend her to anyone needing a lawyer. – a client (5 star review)

Intense Service

I brought my case to Ms. Glenn 2 weeks before trial at 5:30 pm. She went to work that same day – She and her team asked questions. They learned the details of my situation. Never did I feel I was a case number or that I was being processed. I got individual attention. Even when I tried, I was unable to get to a voice mail. The phone is answered when you call. In a matter of days- they had options for me to consider. In the end, their relentless efforts led to an offer from the State Attorney that will likely leave me with a clean record. I could not ask for more. I highly recommend this attorney. The service I received went far above my expectations. – David (5 star review)

Just When I Thought There Was No Hope……..Colleen Glenn Saved Me!!!

Colleen turned my entire situation around. I went from looking at 5 yrs. DOC (prison) to a minuscule court cost and time served. She performed a miracle. Her motto is dead on. She is Dedicated, Aggressive, and Determined. You can’t go wrong with Colleen. She saved me from 5 more years of misery. Call her, she won’t disappoint. – Tabitha (5 star review)

Great Attorney, Will Suggest Him To Anyone! You Won’t Be Sorry!

Andrew is awesome, He is very knowledgeable and is super easy to talk to and explains everything in detail for you to understand. He always answered my calls, and if he was busy he got back to me asap. I was kept in the loop 24/7, he actually cares about his clients and has good relations with his peers and is well known as a great lawyer, he saved me from jail and got me a sweet deal. If I ever need a lawyer again, I will not even think twice about who to call. He’s just a cool dude in general but very professional and knows what he’s doing. 1000% happy with my case resolution. Thanks again Andrew. – Kevin (5 star review)

Kind And Caring

Ms. Glenn did more for me in two phone calls than I was able to do in two months of people sending me to the wrong person – she went above and beyond the expected protocol for any of the other Lawyer’s I have met with – so my title of Kind and Caring really fits not only her practice but her personally – a weight has been lifted off my shoulders I thought would never go away – Thank you. – Teresa (5 star review)

What A Professional

Ms. Glenn took on the case in short notice and made a difficult situation much easier. I hired her to help a friend with a couple of problems. She took care of everything for him in a very timely manner. – Scott (5 star review)

Looking For The Best Criminal Defense Attorney In The Bradenton, Fl Area?


If you are looking for a fast responding/responsive, affordable attorney with the best staff, look no further! I highly recommend Colleen Glenn and her associates/staff to anyone seeking professional help. From the moment I “googled” a question for a VOP, she was one of, if not the first to respond. Not only did she respond, but she also went the extra mile by asking questions and finding the answers. I walked into Colleen’s office literally scared and in tears. I walked out with a sigh of relief and the comfort of knowing I had a great attorney on my side that was going to do all she could to get the best result for me. Colleen and her staff were with me ALL the way through my case with any questions or concerns I had. She even responded to me on a holiday! This firm went above and beyond for both my husband and I, even on and after a holiday! I am extremely happy and definitely relieved to say Colleen got my VOP dismissed and my probation terminated EARLY with no hesitation at all from all parties involved. I really don’t know what I would have done without them! I cannot stress to anyone looking for a great attorney enough, to look no further, Colleen Glenn and her entire staff are here for you. All you have to do is call, email or simply stop by. You will not regret it! If I could rate higher, I would 🙂. – Tura (5 star review)

Excellent Litigator

Mr. Hibbert is knowledgeable, experienced and well connected in his field. I felt confident with his representation, he was easy to work with and very accessible. – a DUI & DWI client (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer

Andrew worked very hard for me. He overcame many obstacles in my case and got me the resolution I wanted. He went above and beyond what I think any other lawyer would have done for me and treated me like a friend instead of just a client. I hope I will never again need his services as a lawyer, but if I do, he is the only one I will call. – Scott (5 star review)

Professionalism At The Highest Standards!

Attorney Colleen Glenn and her staff exemplified a high standard of professionalism from the inception to the end – in handling my expungement. I was well received, well treated, and well represented by Mrs. Glenn and her staff throughout the entire process. They were trustworthy, transparent and always kept me informed. My case had a successful outcome, and more so, I was impressed that the entirety of the case came to a completion in half the time that was expected. A truly pleasant surprise! I would highly recommend Mrs. Glenn without any trepidation. – a client (5 star review)

Teenage Troubles

Very easy to work with, some of the scheduling got mixed up so we didn’t have Colleen representing us in the courtroom and the other lawyer’s tactics were rather dramatic! Amy in the office was a refreshing adviser, as she has a very practical approach and pointed insights. So far, I have not needed services from a lawyer too often, but I would recommend Colleen and her office. – Lisa S (5 star review)

The Best Lawyer Ever!!!!!! 🙂

OMG, Colleen Glen ABSOLUTELY Changed My Life FOREVER!!!
She’s a miracle worker!! She completely made a way out of no way!! I TRULY believe no other lawyer could have done what she did!! I seriously cannot thank her enough!
She is Kind, super friendly, SMART, and she makes sure you know what’s going on with your case, available for clients. She returns your calls, and she is just AWESOME! I recommend her to anybody who’s seeking legal counsel!! Her pricing is good & SHE WILL BE WORTH EVERY PENNY!! 🙂 #HAPPY CLIENT. – Tahnir (5 star review)

The Smartest Money You’ll Ever Spend!

Colleen assisted in a family case I’d had years ago, which I was losing. Upon her joining the team, the outcomes of my case starting turning in my favor and justice started coming to light. I was so impressed with her demeanor, professionalism, knowledge and sangfroid that when I found myself in legal trouble criminally, she was the only route I could reasonably consider. It’s not only that I think that she’s the best choice, I think that you’re doing yourself a harmful disservice if you do not hire her. She respects all parties involved, has a great knowledge of the inner workings of the court system, the courthouse, the prosecutors, she maintains great relationships with everyone, knowing she’ll attract more flies with honey than vinegar. She is a fierce advocate and tireless worker. The word procrastination is not in her vocabulary, and there isn’t a challenge, so far, that I’ve not seen her tackle effortlessly. I would never allow anyone I knew to hire a different attorney than Colleen Glenn. – a Criminal Defense client (5 star review)

Very Good Lawyer

Andrew handled my DUI case for me and at any time I had a question or a doubt, he had an answer for me no matter what time of the day I called. Thanks to Andrew I got a “not guilty” verdict on my charges. – Michael (5 star review)

You’re A Great Lawyer

Hello Andrew,
I wanted to reach out to you and let you know how much I appreciated your help and guidance this past February. I recently completed all of my community service hours, all of my offender work program days, paid all of my fines and have my license completely reinstated. I’m off probation as well and feel like a new person with a big weight lifted off my shoulders.

I feel the need to say THANK YOU, once again. You were so kind, understanding and diligent in supporting me at my darkest moments. I know that I paid you for your services and it’s your job to help your clients but you gave me strength when I had truly wanted to give up on myself. You’re a great lawyer!

From: Truly Satisfied Client

– Kim

A Great Referral From A Friend Worked Out For Me!

I like Andrew because he is young and speaks to you straight up like it is. He kept me informed about everything that was going on with my case and got me the best possible outcome. – a client 5 star review)

Violation Of Probation Warrant

Attorney Colleen Glenn contacted me on June 2, 2013, after I posted a question within AVVO regarding my Violation of Probation Warrant. I immediately responded to her, detailing my situation and asked her if it was possible for her to work with me on resolving my case. She went into immediate investigation with the Probation Officer and State Attorney, contacted me and told me of her discussions with them and what it would take to resolve the case. Yesterday, June 13, 2013, only 11 days later, my case is resolved, and my Violation of Probation Warrant is dismissed. The case is officially closed and I am in custody of a document signed by the judge. The most important part of this whole situation, is I currently live out of the country, and she was able to handle everything in my absence. I would highly recommend Colleen Glenn and her staff, Andrew and Amy. They are very professional and at the same time, they are very sympathetic and do what they can to help. They work from the heart. Thank you AVVO for having a site like this to be able to connect with a professional like Colleen Glenn, and Thank you Colleen Glenn for your professionalism and your immediate and rapid attention in resolving my case. – Deborah (5 star review)

A Very Happy Client !!

A very great a lawyer. My case took almost 2 years to get resolved and Andrew worked very hard and diligently to get it done. I’m very happy with your service may God continue to bless you with your career!! – Marc (5 star review)

Colleen Glenn – The Best

I appreciate all that Colleen Glenn has done for me. Once I entered her office and asked her to represent me, she responded quickly with my needs. I felt very comfortable and positive and would recommend her to anyone who requires help. She is an expert in her field and her staff was very courteous and helpful as well. My rating for her goes beyond 100%. – Mike Steinhauer (5 star review)

Traffic Violation

I had points in my license. I hired Mrs. Glenn to helped me to delete the points from my license and she did a great job. I did not even have to go to court. Thank you. I highly recommend this attorney. – Victor L. (5 star review)


From the moment I sat down, I felt comfortable and confident that my needs would be handled quickly and professionally. That’s exactly what happened and I am so unbelievably relieved and can move forward with my life, just as she had said she would do for me. (5 star review)

Hire Him

If you need a defense attorney, this is your guy. He took personal interest in my case and even gave me great free advice before I hired him. I would totally recommend Andrew. – a client (5 star review)

If You Need A Lawyer, Call Andrew

Not that anyone ever wants to need a lawyer but if you find yourself in a predicament I highly recommend Andrew. There are two great things about him as an attorney. One, he is realistic with you from the word go. He does not promise the moon and the stars. Frankly, you should be skeptical of any lawyer who only tells you good news and things you want to hear. The other great thing about him is that he does not drop you once you are sentenced. He is there as your advocate through post-sentencing. As someone who is totally new to the legal system, I found the post-sentencing part to be terrifying and confusing. Andrew was amazing. He helped walk me through all of it. Including little things like giving me a map to find the probation office. I highly recommend Andrew as a lawyer! – a client (5 star review)


Colleen was contacted on quick notice and handled the case very efficiently and in a professional manner. I would not hesitate to hire Colleen again if ever needed in the future. – Pam (5 star review)

The #1 Lawyer For Suspended License

I thought I could never get my license again until I got some money and called this lawyer. He guided me on how to do everything. I just paid and he did everything for me. I had a really bad record but he took care of everything; it was awesome and now I got my license thanks to this guy. He is the best, thanks man!!! – Angel (5 star review)